1. I refer to Jews as a race. I know it is a religion also, but considering through the mother line, one is also ‘born’ Jewish.
    Am I right or wrong: can one describe Jews as a race ???

  2. Are the Ten Commandments meant to be binding to non-Jews, or are they just part of the covenant? And if so, is the covenant with Noah more applicable? Thank you.

  3. What is the Jewish position on whether or not Pontius Pilate assigned a group of soldiers to guard Jesus’ tomb? Do Jews generally believe Pilate did, do they believe Pilate didn’t, or do Jews generally just don’t know whether he did or not? And is Matthew 28:13-15 accurate, at least where it implies that it “is commonly reported among the Jews until this day” that the soldiers said Jesus’ “disciples came by night, and stole him away while” the guards slept? I’m just trying to figure out how credible the New Testament account is, from a Jewish perspective.

  4. Which books in the bible do Jewish people consider the most important and why?

  5. I understand halachic judaism has a problem with zionism and the state of israel. how does one deal with this?

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  8. I are relges jewish people allowed to listen to women sing

    • Rabbi Tully Bryks

      In general, the Torah seems to acknowledge the real danger that men could come to objectify women (it can happen the other way too, but it’s probably less common). Along these lines, the Torah has many rules which regulate the interaction between men and women, and some of these restrictions only apply to men. One such rule is the prohibition for a man to hear a woman sing. In contrast, a woman is permitted to hear a man sing. As such, while religiously observant men generally do not have the opportunity to enjoy a Broadway musical, many religiously observant women to get to enjoy such productions (provided that the content is appropriate).

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