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Rabbi Tully Bryks in circle at Havdallah

Name: Rabbi Tully Bryks

A former captain of his varsity basketball team who once had his own spiritual questions, Rabbi Bryks inspires students from all backgrounds with his passion for Judaism and the Jewish people.

Rabbinic Endorsements:

Rabbi Bryks is a true ben Torah and a world class educator. His deep ahavas yisrael seems boundless. His warmth, dedication and genuine care is a constant source of inspiration. His living legacy are his countless students whose lives have been enriched with the love and joy of Torah.

-Rabbi Menachem Nissel (Popular educator in Seminaries throughout Israel, Rabbinic Adviser to NCSY and author of Rigshei Lev)

Over the years, I have watched Rabbi Tully Bryks impact the lives of Jewish students from a variety of backgrounds. You would have a hard time finding a Jewish educator more dedicated, more sincere and more talented then Rabbi Bryks in sharing the beauty of Judaism with all those fortunate enough to spend time with him. His sincerity and broad knowledge as well as his non-judgmental and open minded approach with which he shares the magic and beauty of Jewish living and Jewish meaning is a model for us to strive for!

-Rav Binny Freedman (Rosh Yeshiva of Orayta and Director of Isralight)

Through his brilliant lectures and warm personality, Rabbi Tully Bryks is single-handily responsible for transforming me from a secular public school teen to a fully observant Torah Jew. He provided me with the support and expert advice I needed to continue my growth and eventually become the head of my own Torah institution. My family and I, like the thousands of people whose lives he has touched, are forever indebted to Rabbi Bryks for his kindness and unwavering dedication to the Jewish people.

-Rabbi Aharon Dovid Singer (Rosh Kollel of the North Miami Beach Community Kollel)

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Academic Endorsements:

Rabbi Bryks is a master at answering questions with understanding, intelligence and warmth. Always relevant, his answers open up new portals to Jewish wisdom for the curious and inquisitive mind.

-Gila Manolson (Yale University graduate, highly acclaimed teacher and author of the best-selling book, The Magic Touch)

I have seen firsthand as Rabbi Bryks engages adolescents and young adults with serious questions about Judaism. He has a keen ability of understanding not only the question asked, but also of understanding from where the question is coming.

-Rabbi Dr. Avidan Milevsky (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Professor of Psychology)

Work Expereince

1996-2002: Founder and Director of the Kendal Chapter of NCSY and Founding Youth Director of the Young Israel of Kendall

  • Inspired and united Jewish teens from the South Miami-Dade Florida area
  • Many of these teens are now active adult leaders in their Jewish communities

2002-2004: Assistant Regional Director of the Southern Region of NCSY

  • Founded Jewish Public School Clubs throughout the Region
  • Expanded the region with innovate programs to over 500 active teens

2004-2009: Regional Director and founder of the South Florida Region of NCSY

  • Established over 30 Jewish Public School Clubs
  • Expanded the region with innovate programs to over 1,000 active teens

2009-2013: Founder and Director of the Israel Experience at Bar Ilan

  • Developed a unique and powerful new GAP year program
  • Attracted wide diversity of high quality students
  • Managed to draw over 200 applicants a year

2013: Founder and Developer of Rabbi With Answers

  • Accepts questions on any Jewish topic
  • Provides answers to FAQ’s about Judaism
  • Available as a Guest Speaker to any community

Student Endorsements:

If I had to pick one person who made a tremendous difference in my life, it would definitely be Rabbi Bryks. Not only is he a fun and inspiring Rabbi, but he really helped take me from a place of darkness to light. By caring so much for me and so many of his students, Rabbi Bryks changes people’s lives for the better simply by being an inviting and incredible role model.

-Jennifer Freiman (Formerly Hollywood Hills High School, then University of Central Florida and now Stern College)

I just came back from life-changing spiritual year on an uplifting program in Israel built by Rabbi Bryks. With this website, I can bring my doubts into question and reaffirm the beliefs I formed with the Rabbi. That’s the beauty of the website–we may be on different continents, but Rabbi Bryks continues teaching me.

-Rick Saxe (Cornell University)

I had the privilege of meeting Rabbi Bryks a few years ago. Since then, I come to him for guidance, questions, inspiration, and all sorts of other things. Whether he knows it or not, Rabbi Bryks impacts a tremendous amount of people, and has truly changed my life!

-Liron Ozery (Former student from Israel XP at Bar Ilan Univeristy)

Rabbi Bryks has truly been a hero to me. He never gives up on me, even during times when I give up on myself. He is always available to answer my questions and doubts, and never fails to find an answer to every question. Thank you for inspiring me to continually grow and turn my life around to be as incredible as it is today!

-Emma O’Quin (Formerly Spanaway High School and now Tomer Devorah Seminary)


Rabbi Bryks is available to speak to any group of teens, college students or adults.

He can fly anywhere in the world!

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